General Assembly Considers and Accepts Israel as a Member of the UN

The UN Yearbook for 1948-49 has a detailed summary of the substantive discussions, arguments, and proposed resolutions concerning Israel’s application for membership, before the Ad Hoc Committee and the General Assembly plenary. Ultimately the General Assembly voted to accept Israel as a member, 37 in favor, 12 against, and 9 abstaining.

  • 42nd through 51st Meetings of the Ad Hoc Political Committee (3 to 9 May 1949)
    • During the 46th, 47th, 48th, 50th, and 51st meetings of the Committee, Israel’s representative, Aubrey (Abba) Eban, replied to numerous questions, incisively addressing the issues raised about General Assembly Resolutions 181(II) and 194(III)
    • Texts and lists of draft resolutions (some listed without text)
    • Report of the Ad Hoc Committee – 10 May 1949 (A/855
  • 207th Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly (11 May 1949)
    • General Assembly Resolution 273 (III), granting admission to Israel (11 May 1949)
    • Speech by Moshe Sharrett (Shertok) before the General Assembly upon the admission of Israel to the UN
    • After the speech by Moshe Sharrett, Israel’s delegation took its place in the General Assembly at the invitation of the President