Operation Swords of Iron

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Official Actions and Significant Occurrences

Hamas Attack on Shabbat – Simchat Torah

Hamas commenced a savage attack against Israel from Gaza in the early morning hours, sending over 2,000 terrrorists breaking through the security barrier between Israel and Gaza while firing thousands of rockets and committing numerous atrocities and war crimes. Over 1,400 Israelis were slaughtered, the vast majority civilians. [Evidence of the atrocities and war crimes forthcoming]

Israel Disconnects Water, Electricity, Food, and Fuel to Gaza

Israeli Energy Minister orders the immediate disconnect of the water supply to Gaza.

Arutz Sheva (9 Oct 2023)Defense Min.: There will be no electricity, food, or fuel to Gaza.

Arutz Sheva (9 Oct 2023)

EU Freezes Development Aid

The European Commission announces an urgent review of its financial assistance for Palestine.

Press Release (9 Oct 2023)

EU Abandons Aid Freeze

EU Quickly Abandons the Aid Freeze to the Palestinian Authority.

Jerusalem Post (10 Oct 2023)

Reuters (10 Oct 2023)

US Puts Hold on $6 Billion Disbursement to Iran

US puts a hold on the disbursement of $6 billion to Iran as previously agreed.

Reuters (12 Oct 2023)

Gregg Roman, U.S. Denial of $6 Billion to Iran Is Its Latest Display of Pro-Israel Resolve, Middle East Forum (18 Oct 2023)

Israel Begins Warnings to Gazan Civilians
Israel Restarts Water Supply to Southern Gaza Strip

Israel restarts water supply to southern Gaza Strip.

Reuters (15 Oct 2023)

Security Council Rejects Russian Gaza Resolution

UN Security Council rejects Russian resolution on Gaza – 5 votes for, 4 against, 6 abstentions

Israel Falsely Accused of Bombing Al Ahli Hospital

In the early evening of 17 Oct 2023, a projectile exploded in the parking lot next to the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza City. Hamas within a very short time blamed Israel and claimed more than 500 fatalities. World media immediately repeated the story without seeking any confirmation. Subsequent assessments have shown that the projective was much more likely an Islamic Jihad or Hamas rocket that failed and crashed into the parking lot, its remaining fuel exploding and igniting some of the vehicles. Moreover, the number of fatalities, unverified, has been viewed as greatly exaggerated.

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US Vetoes Brazilian Security Council Resolution

US Vetoes Draft Security Council resolution calling for “humanitarian pauses”

EU Parliament Calls for Elimination of Hamas

EU Parliament calls for the elimination of Hamas – 500 votes for, 21 against, 24 abstentions

Two American-Israeli Hostages Released by Hamas

An American-Israeli mother and her daughter were reunited with family after their release by Hamas.

Two More Hostages Released by Hamas

Hamas released two elderly Israeli women: Nurit Cooper, 79, and Yocheved Lifshitz, 85. Their husbands were still being held hostage.

UN Security Council Meeting

The UN Security Council met in a day-long meeting on 24 Oct 2023 to discuss the ongoing Middle East crisis.

US House of Representatives Adopts Resolution of Support

The US House of Representatives adopted Resolution H.R. 771 – “Standing with Israel as it defends itself against the barbaric war launched by Hamas and other terrorists.” The resolution was overwhelmingly approved by a vote of 412 in favor, 10 against, 6 present, and 5 not voting.

Demand that ICRC Take Action to Secure Release of Hostages

Shurat HaDin demanded in a letter signed by more than 1550 attorneys and 50 physicians that the International Red Cross take action in accordance with its obligations to secure the release and protection of the hostages taken by Hamas in violation of fundamental principles of international law.

Shurat HaDin’s letter followed a similar demand from 49 organizations sent to the ICRC on October 12.

Security Council Fails to Pass Either US or Russian Resolutions

UN Security Council failed to pass the US resolution even though it garnered 10 votes in favor. The Russian resolution received only 4 votes in favor.

General Assembly Adopts Gaza Resolution

UN General Assembly adopted a non-binding Jordanian resolution calling for an immediate and sustained ‘humanitarian truce’ in Gaza.  The vote was 120 votes in for, 14 against, and 45 abstentions. An amendment, proposed by Canada and backed by over 35 Member States, including the US, seeking an explicit condemnation of Hamas, did not pass, failing to get two-thirds support.

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IDF Begins Ground Operation in Gaza

Overnight, the IDF began a new phase of the war in Gaza, entering on the ground. This move followed two days of limited, temporary ground operations in Gaza.

Israel Provides More Water to Gaza

Israel opened the second of three water piplines to the southern part of Gaza, allowing approximately 28.5 million liters of water to flow per day.

UN Security Council Meeting

The UN Security Council met again in emergency session on Monday afternoon (EDT) 30 Oct 2023 to discuss the ongoing Middle East crisis.

Houthis in Yemen Signal Entry into the Conflict
Bolivia Cuts Ties With Israel

Bolivia broke relations with Israel, and Columbia, Chile and Jordan recalled their ambassadors. Israel’s Foreign Ministry reacted, saying that the step “is a surrender to terrorism and the Ayatollah’s regime in Iran.”

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Speaks in Beirut

Hezbollah Secretary Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah speaks on the war.

IDF Facilitates Evacuation of Gazan Civilians

IDF facilitated the reopening of a humanitarian corridor in order to allow civilians in the northern Gaza Strip to move southward toward safety.   Video clip

Rashida Tlaib Censured

The U.S. House Representatives censured Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Mi) for promoting false narratives regarding the 7 Oct 2023 Hamas attack on Israel and for calling for the destruction of the State of Israel. The vote was 228 in favor and 188 against.

UN Security Council Meeting

The UN Security Council met again on 10 Nov 2023 to discuss the ongoing Middle East crisis. The head of the WHO briefed the Council on Gaza, calling for an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian access.

Arab-Islamic Summit Held in Riyadh

Arab and Muslim leaders called for an immediate end to military operations in Gaza. However, Saudi Arabia played a pivotal role in rejecting a proposal to sever all ties with Israel.

US Extends Iran Sanctions Waiver

The Biden administration extended a sanctions waiver to allow Iran to access upwards of $10 billion in electricity revenue held in escrow in Iraq.

IDF Enters Shifa Hospital
UN Security Council Calls for Humanitarian Pauses

UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling for extended pauses in Gaza. There were 12 votes in favor and 3 abstentions (United States, Great Britain, and Russia).  An amendment proposed by Russia that called for a “cessation of hostilities” was rejected, having received only 5 votes in favor with 1 vote against and 9 abstentions.

UK Parliament Rejects Call for Gaza Ceasefire

The UK House of Commons rejected two proposals, one calling for extended humanitarian pauses (183 for, 290 opposed), and a second calling for an immediate ceasefire (125 for, 293 opposed).

Announcements on Release of Hostages
UN Security Council Meeting

The UN Security Council met on 22 Nov 2023 to again discuss the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. During the meeting, delegates praised the hostage deal and renewed the call for a humanitarian ceasefire.

Pause in Hostilities Begins

Military operations ceased at 7:00 in the morning. The first release of hostages from Gaza occurred at 16:00.

UN Security Council Meeting

The UN Security Council held a ministerial-level meeting on 29 Nov 2023 to discuss the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. There were calls for a ceasefire and a two-state solution.

Hostilities Resumed