Israeli Forces Enter Gaza on the Ground

Due to Hamas’s continued rejection of ceasefire initiatives, ongoing rocket and mortar fire, and attacks in Israeli territory by sea and through cross-border assault tunnels, entry of Israeli ground forces into a limited area of the Gaza Strip was authorized by the government. These ground forces were charged with identifying and neutralizing the cross-border assault tunnels, which originated from the outskirts of the urban areas of the Gaza Strip. The ground forces withdrew from the Gaza Strip on August 5, after locating and neutralizing 32 cross-border assault tunnels, and despite ongoing rocket and mortar attacks against Israel.

UNHCR Commission Releases Report

Report, A/HRC/29/52, 24 Jun 2015
Detailed findings of the report, A/HRC/29/CRP.4, 24 Jun 2015

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Israel Issues Report on the Conflict

The 2014 Gaza Conflict: Factual and Legal AspectsThe Full Report

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