Arab Boycotts Against Jewish Business During the British Mandate

  • August 1922 – 5th Palestine Arab Congress calls for boycott of Jewish businesses and forbidding of land sales to Jews.
  • October 1929 – Pan-Arab meeting calls for boycott of all Jewish merchandise.
  • 1931
    a) Arab Workers Committee publish blackbook calling for Western and Islamic countries to boycott Jewish goods.
    b) President and Secretary of Palestine Arab Executive call on Arabs of Palestine to boycott Jewish products.
    c) World Islamic Congress calls for Muslim states to avoid trade relations with the Jews of Palestine.
  • March 1933 – Arab Executive Committee meeting in Jaffa call for boycott of Jewish and British goods.
  • October 1934 – Arab Labor Federation resolves to picket Jewish enterprises and conduct an anti-Jewish boycott.
  • 1937
    a) March – Arab Executive calls for all Arabs in Palestine and Arab countries to boycott Tel Aviv trade fair.
    b) September – Pan-Arab Congress in Syria calls for enforcement of boycott against Jewish goods as a patriotic duty.
  • October 1939 – Arab Executive appeals to Arab and Muslim world to boycott all Jewish products and stores.

Source:  Gil Feiler, From Boycott to Economic Cooperation: The Political Economy of the Arab Boycott of Israel, pp. 22-24 (1998).