The Rise of Israel

The Rise of Israel is a documentary record from the Nineteenth Century to 1948, a facsimile series reproducing over 1,900 documents in 39 volumes.  Each volume has an introduction prepared by the editor of that volume.  The general editor of the series was Howard Sachar.  As of December, 2020, 18 of the 39 volumes have been made available on, with the option of borrowing each volume for up to 14 days.  This is a rich resource for those who are inclined to study original historical documents, not just accounts by historians and others.  

The table below lists all 39 volumes, with links to those volumes which are available on

Section 1: 1882-1920 - Edited by Isaiah Friedman
1From Precursors of Zionism to Herzl
2Herzl's Political Activity, 1897-1904
3The Post-Herzlian Period, 1904-1914
4Germany, Turkey, and Zionism, 1914-1918
5France and Zionism, 1914-1920
6British-Zionist Relations, 1914-1917
7Britain Enters into a Compact with Zionism, 1917, Part I
8Britain Enters into a Compact with Zionism, 1917, Part II
9The Zionist Commission in Palestine, 1918
10Tension in Palestine — Peacemaking in Paris, 1919
11Opposition to Zionism, 1919
12Riots in Jerusalem — San Remo Conference, April, 1920
Section 2: 1920-1939 - Edited by Aaron S. Klieman
13Great Britain and Palestine, 1920-1925
14Giving Substance to the Jewish National Home, 1920 and Beyond
15Practical Zionism, 1920-1939
16The Jewish Yishuv’s Development in the Interwar Period
17Arab-Jewish Relations, 1921-1937
18The Turn Toward Violence, 1920-1929
19Zionist Political Activity in the 1930s
20The Intensification of Violence, 1929-1936
21The Search for a Solution, 1936
22The Palestine Royal Commission, 1937
23Zionist Evidence Before the Peel Commission, 1936-1937
24The Royal Commission Report, 1937
25The Partition Controversy, 1937
26A Return to Palliatives, 1938
27The Darkest Year, 1939
Section 3: 1940-1948 - Edited by Michael J. Cohen
28Implementing the White Paper, 1939-1941
29The Jewish Military Effort, 1939—1944
30The Holocaust and Illegal Immigration, 1939-1947
31The Zionist Political Program, 1940-1947
32Palestine and Arab Federation, 1938-1945
33The British Return to Partition, 1943-1945
34Jewish Resistance to British Rule in Palestine, 1944-1947
35The Anglo-American Committee on Palestine, 1945-1946
36The British Decision to Evacuate Palestine, 1947-1948
37United Nations Discussions on Palestine, 1947
38The American Trusteeship proposal, 1948
39The Recognition of Israel, 1948