Klieman Litigation

Estate of Esther Klieman v. Palestinian Authority et al., 04-cv-01173 (D.D.C., filed 13 Jul 2004)

Lawsuit seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages by plaintiffs for the murder of a 23 year old woman who was on the way to work.  On 24 Mar 2002, terrorist operatives under the control of of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA), opened fire with Kalashnikov automatic rifle on an Egged bus near Neve Tzuf, Israel. The murder victim, Esther Klieman, a passenger on the reinforced bus, was struck in the heart and killed.  The case, commenced in 2004, is still being litigated on the issue of personal jurisdiction over the defendants.  The case has been up the U.S. Supreme Court and thence remanded for reconsideration of the jurisdictional issue in light of the Promoting Security and Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act of 2019.  Upon remand, the District Court has allowed the plaintiffs to proceed with jurisdictional discovery. Currently the parties are wrangling over disclosure issues.

  • Docket – District of Columbia, 04-cv-01173
  • Docket – District of Columbia, 18-cv-03013
  • Docket – Southern District of New York (Kesner case), 18-cv-12238
  • Docket – District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, 15-7034
  • Docket – Docket – U.S. Supreme Court, 19-741

Litigation Chronology

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