Arab Boycotts – 19th and 20th Centuries

Before 1922

Boycotts Prior to the British Mandate

Boycotts against Jewish businesses were organized by Arabs in the Ottoman-held territories of the Holy Land in 1891, 1908, and 1911.  For documentation, see Aaron J. Sarna, Boycott and Blacklist: A History of Arab Economic Warfare Against Israel (1986).

1922 to 1945

Arab Boycotts Against Jewish Businesses During the British Mandate

The first Arab economic boycott against Jewish enterprise began shortly after the British Mandate for Palestine came into effect, continued periodically during the Mandate era….  More 

From 1945

Arab League Boycott

The League of Arab States was founded in 1945.  One of the first acts of the League Council, taken on 2 Dec 1945, was to approve Resolution 16 calling for a boycott by Arab countries of Jewish products and manufactured merchandise in the pre-Israel Palestine Mandate.  This was followed soon after, on 12 Jun 1946, by Resolution 70 which called for the creation of a bureaucratic structure to implement the boycott…. More + Documents