The ICC’s Decision on Territorial Jurisdiction

Pre-Trial Chamber’s Ruling on the Court’s territorial jurisdiction over Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and “East” Jerusalem, 5 Feb 2021

Partly Dissenting Opinion of Judge Péter Kovács

Partly Separate Opinion of Judge Perrin De Brichambaut

Press Release by the Court

Prosecutor’s Statement on Opening an Investigation, 3 Mar 2021


The Palestinian Authority’s Relationship to the ICC

The ICC Prosecutor’s Preliminary Examination into the “Palestine Situation”

Prosecutor’s Determination on the Preliminary Examination, 20 Dec 2019

Prosecutor’s Request for a Ruling on the Court’s Jurisdiction, 22 Jan 2020

Amicus Submissions to the Court on the Question of Jurisdiction

Synopsis of the Pro-Israel Submissions

Prosecutor’s Response to Amicus Submissions

Other Internet Sites Covering the Matter

Initial Reactions to the Court’s Ruling:

Commentary and Analysis