Consideration by the 6th Committee of the General Assembly

The Sixth (legal) Committee considered this draft at its 63rd to 110th meetings and 128th to 134th meetings of the third session of the General Assembly in 1948 (See, Report of the Sixth Committee, A/760, 3 Dec 1948).  A detailed description of the deliberations of the Committee and General Assembly is in, Matthew Lippman, “Genocide”, in International Criminal Law: Sources, Subjects and Contents, edited by M. Cherif Bassiouni, pp. 403-435 (2008).

ECOSOC Resolution 117(VI)

On 3 March 1948, the Economic and Social Council, by Resolution 117(VI), established an Ad Hoc Committee on Genocide composed of national representatives (United States of America, Soviet Union, Lebanon, China, France, Poland and Venezuela), which prepared a second draft convention with commentaries (E/794, 5 April-10 May 1948).

General Assembly Resolution 180(II)

By Resolution 180(II) of 21 November 1947, the General Assembly requested the Economic and Social Council to continue its work on the matter and to proceed with the completion of a convention without awaiting the receipt of observations by all Member States.

ECOSOC Resolution 77(V)

By Resolution 77(V) of 6 August 1947, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) proposed to proceed as rapidly as possible with the consideration of the question of genocide, subject to any further instructions which it may receive from the General Assembly. States were invited to submit their observations on that draft (A/362, 25 Aug 1947).