Question of Trusteeships

The question of trusteeship was placed tentatively on the agenda of the Dumbarton Oaks Conversations, but no provisions concerning it were included in the Dumbarton Oaks Proposals. It was understood that the question would be a subject of subsequent study and would be placed on the agenda of the United Nations Conference. At Yalta the matter was discussed and agreement was reached on the following policy:“(1) That the five Governments with permanent seats in the Security Council should consult each other prior to the United Nations Conference on providing machinery in the World Charter for dealing with territorial trusteeships which would apply only to (a) existing mandates of the League of Nations; (b) territory to be detached from the enemy as a result of this war; and (c) any other territory that may voluntarily be placed under trusteeship.“(2) That no discussions of specific territories were to take place during the preliminary consultations on trusteeships or at the United Nations Conference itself. Only machinery and principles of trusteeship should be formulated at the Conference for inclusion in the Charter, and it was to be a matter for subsequent agreement as to which territories within the categories specified above would actually be placed under trusteeship.”