Interim Agreement (Oslo II)

The Oslo II Interim Agreement, signed on 28 Sep 1995, was a comprehensive agreement on the transfer of powers and responsibilities in Judea and Samaria from Israel to an elected Palestinian Council. Oslo II was to supersede the Gaza-Jericho Agreement and subsequent related agreements with respect to the establishment of interim governance arrangements.  It provided a timetable for the extension of Palestinian self-rule in Judea and Samaria, going beyond the Gaza and Jericho transfers of Oslo I. It provided for a redeployment of Israeli forces from areas in Judea and Samaria, and imposed a variety of obligations on the parties. The Israeli military government would retain “powers and responsibilities” not transferred.The Agreement contained an undertaking to revoke those articles of the Palestinian Covenant calling for the destruction of Israel, within two months of the inauguration of the Palestinian Council.There were seven annexes to the Agreement, dealing with security arrangements, elections, civil affairs (transfer of powers), legal matters, economic relations, Israeli-Palestinian cooperation, and the release of Palestinian prisoners.Background and Main Points, from the Israeli Foreign Ministry      Maps