Ceasefire Declared

On Tuesday evening, August 26, the Egyptian Foreign Minister announced an unconditional ceasefire that would be unlimited in time. Israel agreed to the proposal and the ceasefire took effect at 19:00.The August 26 ceasefire followed two earlier ones that had ended in renewed fighting.  On August 1, the United States and the United Nations announced that both sides had agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire, starting at 8:00. However, it quickly broke down, each side blaming the other for the failure. On August 10, an Egyptian proposal for another 72-hour ceasefire was accepted, and on August 13, was extended for another 120 hours.  This ceasefire also collapsed — on August 19, just after a further 24 hour extension had been agreed upon.  The fighting finally ended when the August 26 ceasefire took effect.