Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area

The Gaza-Jericho Agreement, signed in Cairo on 4 May 1994, provided for Israel’s withdrawal of troops from the Gaza Strip and from Jericho, and the Palestinians’ assumption of self-governance.The Palestinians were to gain control over their internal political arrangements and many of their daily affairs in the public domain, including elections, tax collection, and the passing and enforcement of legislation. A 24-member ‘Palestinian Authority’ (“PA”) was established, with legislative and executive powers. The PA did not have powers in the sphere of foreign relations, although the PLO could conduct negotiations and sign agreements for the PA’s benefit. The Palestinians were to establish their own police force of up to 9,000 officers.Shortly after the Agreement was signed, Israeli forces withdrew from most of the Gaza Strip and Jericho as provided for in the Agreement.  Israeli soldiers remained in the areas of Israeli communities, military installations and security zones.  Maps