Welcome to the alpha/beta version of our new website: beta in terms of the overall presentation framework and the availability of bunches of material; and alpha in terms of the large amount of material still to be incorporated.  You are invited to explore those sections which are complete or sufficiently so as to be made available.  Sections which require more work will be partially or completely hidden until ready for use.  Suggestions, advice, comments, documents to include, will all be welcome.

Here is the tentative outline of pages, reflecting the “Library” menu at the top and side of the website.  Pages which ready for viewing are linked below, as well as in the menu.

Historical material:

  • Pre-Mandate Era
  • League of Nations Mandate
    ◊ Timeline
    ◊ Permanent Mandates Commission
    ◊ British Reports on Palestine Mandate
    ◊ British Commissions of Inquiry
    ◊ Eastern Palestine
    ◊ Land Regulation
    ◊ Arab Economic Boycotts
  • Termination of the Mandate
  • Establishment of the State of Israel
  • Developments from 1949 to 1956
  • Sinai War – 1956
  • To Six Day War – 1967
  • War of Attrition – to 1973
  • Yom Kippur War – 1973
  • Camp David Accords – Peace with Egypt – 1979
  • War in Lebanon – 1982
  • Oslo Accords – from 1993
  • Peace with Jordan 1994



Pages which have been partially developed:

League of Nations Mandate
Termination of the Mandate
Establishment of State of Israel
Law and War